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Please arrive at least 15 mins before practice starts.

Everyone should attend practice, who has not/is not

  • with underlying conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Hypertension, obesity, undergoing dialysis, or taking immunosuppressive agents, anti-cancer agents,  etc. If people with these conditions intend to participate consent from a doctor should be obtained beforehand.

  • sharing a household or having regular close contact with a vulnerable or very  vulnerable (i.e. shielded ) person

  • with flu-like symptoms such as a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or a loss or change to their sense of taste or small

  • feeling generally unwell or feeling different than normal. Do not participate in keiko as you may be infected by asymptomatic.

  • with a family member or an acquaintance, they have had close contact within the last 14 days who had/may have had the infection

  • travelled the last 14 days to or had close contact with a person recently returned from another country or  who have been advised to self-isolate

  • a casual visitor (only members of Tora Dojo at the moment)

  • travelled by public transport without wearing a mask

What to bring to practice

  • Gi/Hakama

  • Shinai AND Bokudo

  • Mask made from Tenugui

  • Normal face mask

  • Bogu with face shield installed (2-piece or full face)

  • Your own hand sanitiser

  • 2 plastic bags/bin liners

Before Practice:

  • Take your temperature. Do not come to the practice if the temperature is elevated (above 37.5 degC) or if you have symptoms like coughing, short breath, or if you feel generally unwell.

  • When using public transport, you must wear a mask.

  • When arriving at the venue, please sanitise your hands first.

  • One person will be writing down everyone's name and contact data.

  • Everyone's temperature will be measured with a contactless thermometer and the value logged. If the temperature is elevated, you cannot take part in the practice.

  • We will collect either £10 in cash or £10.25 via contactless payment.

  • You can use the change rooms wearing a mask, markings for 2m distance are in place. Please put your clothes and shoes into a plastic bag and into your bogu bag (sports bag for beginners).

  • In the hall, please use all the space to place your bag keeping a distance of 2m.

  • Put on your tenugui face mask.

  • Take your shinai and take a place in a chessboard pattern keeping 2m distance from the people around you. Wait there for the start of practice.

  • All doors/windows opened to allow as much ventilation as possible.

Start of practice:

  • Reiho will be done standing.

  • Warmup will be done on the spot, without loud kiai.

  • Suburi will be done on the spot, without loud kiai.

  • For footwork practice, we make one line with everyone 2m apart.

  • Then we make pairs for kihon kata/police kata practice. This will happen without loud kiai.

  • (Once we have received/installed men shields): for the last 20  mins, everyone puts on full bogu standing at the place where they have their bag.

  • Practice with bogu will be with the same partner (i.e. no rotating) and without loud kiai. No close contact practice, i.e. no tsuba-zeriai (includes krikaeshi). Mawari-geiko in groups of max. 6 people.

  • At the end of bogu practice, everyone goes back to their place and takes off bogu. All bogu to be placed in separate plastic bag/bin liner.

  • Everyone takes the same place as before in the chessboard pattern. Reiho is done standing. Take off your mask. Sanitise your hands.

After practice:

  • Doors/ windows to be closed again.

  • As you leave the hall, be mindful of distance to others.

  • In the changeroom, stay within the marked areas.

  • The nautical school allows the use of cubicle showers.

  • When leaving the building, please maintain 2m distance.

At home:

  • Wash your hands when returning home.

  • Please call Dominik (07507 416746) if you experience any flu-like symptoms within 14 days after your practice.

  • We recommend to wash/ sanitise all equipment (do not use any solvents/ sprays using alcohol).

  • You must wash (with detergent) the face mask tenugui after every use!