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Meet Our Instructors

Hyun Hong Wright, Tora Dojo Founder, is a 7th Dan Kyoshi Kendo teacher from South Korea.

In 1996, when Hyun Hong was 23, she started Kendo practice as an amateur, practising in a private dojo in Seoul. After six months of training, she entered her first competition in the capital, whose entrants were a mixture of professional and amateur kendoka. Whilst it was virtually unknown for the amateurs to reach a high position, especially for someone of such limited experience, Hyun Hong came third.

Over the next three years, Hyun Hong achieved more medals in competitions, coming 1st on two occasions, whilst raising her grade to 2nd Dan.

However, it was her participation in the live televised final of the SBS National Kendo Championship in 1999, which attracted the attention of the National Squad coaches.

Hyun Hong entered the National Korean Squad as the only amateur and was picked to participate in the individual and team event of the World Kendo Championships, held in Santa Clara in 2000. Fighting in the captain (taisho) position of the team, she held the Japanese captain to a 1-1 draw, despite the difference in experience, but it was her extended encho (fighting in extra time) against one of the eventual Japanese medal winners of the individual event, that won her the Fighting Spirit Award, in recognition of her performance.

Sensei lives in Melbourne, Australia, teaching at Tora Kendo Dojo Melbourne.

Hyun Hong Cho Sensei also wrote My Life in Kendo: Gender and Masculinity Across Cultures

Brief Experience

December 2023 Kyoshi

April 2019 achieved 7th Dan in Kyoto

July 2014 VKR assistant squad coach

December 2013 Renshi

Jan 2011  BKA Grading Officer/Regional Squad Coach/Grading Panelist
June 2008 Ladies Coach British Team

Active Instructors

Meet Our Instructors

Active Instructors


6th Dan, Lead instructor

Manager of German national team 2014-2018

Member of German national team/squad 2005-2013

European Kendo Championships Team 2nd place (2008), 3rd place (2005, 2011)



6th Dan

Former Victoria (Australia) State team member.

Former Melbourne University team coach



6th Dan

New Zealand National team 2006-2018

New Zealand National team captain at 2018 World Kendo Championship


6th Dan

Former Portuguese National team member, in several World and European Kendo Championships


6th Dan

Children Kendo Coach at Asaka Kendo Renseikai.  Moved to London in 2021.

Medalist in several competitions.



5th Dan

After practicing in Spain and Italy joined Tora in 2013. Always focused on improving himself.



5th Dan

Started kendo in the Netherlands, lived in Canada and now has finally landed in London.

Founding Instructors

Founding Instructors

Wwekc 1.jpg



5th Dan

Former GB Team member. Currently practicing in Tora Kendo Club Melbourne, Australia

Former instuctors

Former Instructors




7th Dan Renshi

Former GB Team captain. Currently practicing in Athens Kendo Club, Greece



5th Dan

Moved to London in 2016 from Tokyo, Japan. Former Keio University member.

Currently living and practicing in Japan.

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